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M-050 - 14 nozzle misting kit

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The Mistify M-050-14 is a high pressure misting kit that will cool up to 40 square metres.  It includes a high quality, super quiet, high pressure pump, with all the parts, hoses and fittings required for setting up your misting system, as well as instruction manual. It is perfect for 6 to 14 nozzle applications such as small outdoor areas, mobile and umbrella set ups, 2-3 x horse stables and small green houses or fruit and vegetable stalls. It comes with a blue tooth, remote controller.

It can service up to 2 large or 4 small M-Fans (sold separately) or up to 10 linear metres of pipe with nozzles (included).

Whats in the kit:
  • 1 x Mistify M-050 high pressure pump
  • Below, brass, nickel plated fittings (silver)
    • 14x patented, high efficiency, high pressure nozzles with micro filters
    • 13x slip lock connectors
    • 1x end fitting
    • 1x elbow
  • 20 mtrs of high pressure PVC black tube
  • Plastic pipe hangers (to mount pipe)
  • High pressure metal fittings to connect misting line to pump.
  • Hose, water filter and quick release fittings to connect pump to standard garden tap.
  • Pipe cutter (to cut PVC pipe to lengths required)
  • User manual
  • Key ring remote control
  • Syringe to put oil in sump (oil not supplied)

Each Kit can be customised, so if you'd like a quote with a different  size area or a different selection of fittings, please contact us on 0490 466161 or via info@mistify.com.au

Mistify M-050 Pump specifications
  • Pump flow rate 0.5L/min
  • Pressure 60BAR, 857psi

  • 12V DC Brush, 230V adapter incl
  • Power 120 watts
  • RPM 1200

  • Noise 50dB
  • Maintenance - 1000 hrs
  • Remote control yes - Key ring device
  • Cycle Timer - selection of 3, pre-set cycles on:off - 30:10, 10:10, 10:20

  • Patented design
  • Min-Max (0.15mm) 6-14 nozzles
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Anti Drip
  • Viton Seal

small misting kit

Price $1,645.00 incl GST
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