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M-200 - 50 nozzle misting kit

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The M-200— has powerful performance that will service from 25-60 nozzles.  The standard Mistify M-200-50 kit comes with 50 nozzles and stainless steel tube and fittings that extend over 38 lineal metres and can cool up to 125 square metres.  It includes a high quality, super quiet, high pressure pump, with all the parts, hoses and fittings required for setting up your misting system, as well as instruction manual. It can service up to fans 12 large or 20 small M-Fans (sold separately). It is configured via a phone app and is perfect for large outdoor areas, cafes, restaurants and horse stable blocks.

Your kit will include:
  • 1 x Mistify M-200 pump
  • Below, brass, nickel plated fittings (silver)
    • 50x patented, high efficiency, high pressure nozzles with micro filters
    • 49x slip lock connectors
    • 2x end fitting
    • 4x elbows
  • 49x 750mm lengths of stainless steel tube
  • Pipe hangers (to mount pipe)
  • High pressure PVC black and quick release, metal fittings to connect misting line to pump.
  • Hose, water filter and quick release fittings to connect pump to standard garden tap.
  • Pipe cutter (to cut PVC pipe to lengths required)
  • User manual
  • Syringe to put oil in sump (oil not supplied)
  • Link to download phone app

Mistify M-200 Pump specifications
  • PUMP FLOW 2L/min
  • PUMP PRESSURE 70BAR, 1000psi
  • 230V/50Hz
  • Power 250 watts
  • RPM 1400
  • Noise 57dB
  • Maintenance – 800-1000 hrs
  • Remote control yes – via phone app
  • Re-cycle Timer allows for completely customisable cycles - set via a phone app
  • Min-Max (0.15mm) 24-55 nozzles
  • Patented design
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Anti Drip
  • Viton Seal
Misting System for large areas

Price $3,135.00 incl GST
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